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Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Honda CH80 Elite Scooter

About two years ago I started to get interested in motorcycles. We had been a one-vehicle family for quite a while but as I contemplated going back to school I felt like I might need to have access to a vehicle every day, (as I would still be working full time as well). A friend taught me how to ride that summer on his 650cc Yamaha and made sure that I was going to be very careful if I did decide to get a bike. I shopped around a bit for used bikes, but didn't consider a scooter until test riding one in Nov (05). I bought my little 80cc 4-stroke Honda in January 05. It cost me about $2,400, (I extended the warranty which made it closer to $2,800). I already had a full face helmet ($90 ebay) and shortly after got a nice riding jacket ($120 internet?). I find that I can handle the 10 mile commute to work as long as its above 20 degrees F, (wearing layers). It doesn't really get that cold in Provo/Orem for more than a handful of days a year and as long as the roads are free of snow and ice I can ride to work. During the Summer, Spring and Fall its a blast to ride, (the winter's tolerable). So why the story here...

  • Actual MPG = 85
  • Maintenance - very low compared to other other vehicle
  • Great parking and other perks

I've ridden over 5,600 miles in the last 15 months of having the scooter and would like to compare some stats to our other vehicle - a '96 Ford Taurus.

  • Actual MPG in city = 21-22
  • Maintenance - rather high (especially since its a '96 with over 110K and an American-made car - meaning short life expectancy)
  • Can carry more than one person and a lot of supplies (2x4s etc.)
  • Spacious - which is nice for long trips

I tried to give some positives because the 85 MPG to 22 MPG comparison is so drastic. From Jan 17, 05 to Apr 17, 06 the average mid-grade gas price for the Rocky Mountain West was $2.38 / gal. (using data from DOE)

5,600 miles at 85 miles per gal = 66 gal. of gas @ $2.38 = $158
5,600 miles at 22 miles per gal = 255 gal. of gas @ $2.38 = $606

There are a lot of scooters and motorcycles out in Provo now, especially with the weather warming up. Are two wheels for everyone? Certainly not, but they're a blast, economical, and they are a real way you can personally make a difference in our nation's oil addiction. (It was also made in Mexico, employing Mexicans in their home country and building their economy, which is the only real long-term solution to the pressure on our southern border.)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This blog is intended to be a source for energy related issues in the Provo-Orem area of Utah. I hope to have links to businesses that design, make, or sell energy related products and services. I want to have links to blogs and other internet sites and information that I have found useful in my quest to understand energy issues and learn how to respond to them.