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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

West Jordan Planning: Missing a Great Opportunity

Here's an article I read in the DMN yesterday:,1249,635209473,00.html
My immediate reaction was that there was no mention of what is actually
going into the area they are discussing. It looks to me like they are
talking about developing housing only, and they are bickering about the
difference between 0.15 and 0.23 acre lots. Someone in the article
said, "Densities in big cities are appalling to us, but we are headed
there," he said. "We must plan for growth and preserve as much of our
way of life as we can." It seems to me that the only aspect of their
"way of life" they will preserve with such large lots and no discussion
of including places to shop or work within walking/biking distance is
auto dependence. They will not be preserving a rural feel. I doubt
the equestrian use of the trails will be much and am sure that the
quarter acre lots will not be keeping horses on them.

I think they are missing a great opportunity to plan a community with a
community center where kids and adults will be able to live near a
traditional town center, requiring higher density near the center. If
they really want to preserve some rural tradition, I assume this is
what they mean by their "way of life", they could preserve some of this
land as a Wheeler Farm type of development, so they could see, and
participate in "living history" near their town center.

Philip Carlson