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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Second attempt at Chicken ordinance passes

I attended the Provo Council Meeting this evening and am gratified to report that the "second edition" of the chicken ordinance passed - on a 6-1 vote with all three of my representatives voting for it. There will be a registration fee of $15 per year in place of the permitting requirements.

I found it wonderfully fitting that as I rode my bike down to the council chambers I passed two girls out in front of their home playing with a young chicken. It was wonderful to see. :)

A note that the Mayor vetoed the original ordinance that the council passed.

(I had originally misunderstood the discussion about set backs in the meeting and thought that the council was adopting the Mayors proposal of
3 ft from property line, 6 feet from dwelling - but they left the language at 15 feet from property line and dwelling) - corrected May 20th - Matt